Make letmewatchthis Your Weekend Night Habit

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Are you aware that you no longer need to go rent a DVD if you want to watch a movie on a Saturday night? Gone are the days when you have to line up in your DVD rental store to get a copy of your favorite classic movie or the newest one in the big screen.

From DVDs to streaming

According to Technology analyst Rob Enderie, it will only be a matter of time when DVDs will be a thing of the past and the movie and TV show buffs will slowly shift to streaming movies online. This is particularly true now that the internet technology is getting better and better by the day.

Why online streaming

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of streaming and with its features, you will not wonder why it is so.


After trying to stream movies through sites like letmewatchthis you may never imagine yourself going through the traffic to your DVD rental shop, queuing for a DVD copy of the movie and then going back again through the traffic to get home before you settle in your couch and start watching the movie. With online streaming, you just simply:

  • go to the website
  • start watching right away

Aside from saving time in the traffic as well as the queue in the shop, you also save money particularly from rentals and possible fines once you forget to return your DVD on time. It will also save you on transportation cost – whether you commute or take your car to the shop; and all these savings you can buy more chips and popcorn to make your movie time sweeter. Or better yet, invest in a fine home entertainment system so that your online video streaming experience can be made a lot more enjoyable.


The Benefits You Get from Watching Movies Online

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People still watch movies up to this day. It’s difficult to take it away from people’s way of entertaining themselves. Movies are undeniably good. So different technology experts and developers have improved the way that people can enjoy their movies.

Now, it’s easier to watch movies online even without going to the theaters. This is all thanks to the internet. There are now many websites that host these movies that people can access anytime anywhere. Online websites are very much available to anyone who has a strong internet connection and a playing device that they can trust. If you’re not yet convinced, below are some of the benefits of putlockers that people experience when using these online websites for their movies.

• Save Time – There’s no need to worry about the schedule of the movie that will fit your schedule as well. Because the movies are now accessible through these online database websites, you can go online and watch these movies anytime. You can also definitely save time because you no longer need to line up at the cinema just to get your tickets.
• No Cost – The best thing about online movies is that they don’t cost you a thing. Simply log into these websites and stream the movies that you want. You can even replay them as many times as you want without paying for extra tickets. No paying for gasoline going to the cinemas is also involved. Maybe the only thing that you’re going to spend on is getting that Chinese food takeout for you to munch on while watching the movies.
• Movies Wherever You Are – Online websites can be played in any device. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you’re good to go. Movie formats are also compatible with the ones that can be played with phones. So you can basically watch the movies while on your way to work or school.

Save More When You Watch Movies Free Online

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Not everyone has the budget to watch movies and this is also why you can find that many are looking for other options. Sometimes renting movies also cost too much and the problem is not all DVD stores may have the movies that you like. Owing to this a lot of movie lovers have turned to the internet for solutions.

Luckily, the internet does not let down at all. You can actually find hundreds of movie streaming sites online and you can watch the movies that you like from them almost instantly. Online movie watching nowadays has become the norm that you would only want to go to cinemas for special occasions.

Watching The Movies You Love And Saving Money

Just imagine calculating the cost of all the movies you want to watch and imagine watching them in cinemas. Ti will cost you a fortune and sometimes the experience is not even enough since you can’t even re-watch the whole movie again.

When you watch movies online free online, you get the option of rewinding or forwarding the movies that you are watching. You can binge watch episodes and you can go back to scenes that you wish to watch again. This is the power that online streaming can give you and it is something that many people are loving now.

User-Friendly Online Streaming Sites

Another thing that you will absolutely appreciate online is that the sites are very easy to use. You can navigate all by yourself and you can find the movies that you want to watch in just a few minutes of clicking around. You should check the site and see to it that you use something that is highly functional and also reliable when it comes to the movies that you are looking for.

You can even watch movies on your smartphone and on your tablets. You just simply need to connect them with your internet and start watching the movies that you love.

Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloadingfrom putlocker

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Movies can be a therapy for a lonely soul. It allows to mid to somehow escape reality for a moment. It takes you to new places and even to the new world. With the modernization and busy schedule, the number of moviegoers flocking the big screen had declined drastically for over the years. Thanks to the World Wide Web and sites like from putlocker, it offers an option for those who have very little time to go to movies houses.

When watching full movies online for free without downloading, you can select from a variety of genre that you want to watch to. The following are the options available to you:

Fantasy and science fiction movies. It allows you to play with your imagination and visit colorful places which you think do not exist at all. In this genre of movies, you can rekindle your childhood memories when you still believe that fairies, elves, and leprechauns do exist.

Horror movies. When you feel shouting and you have the nerves with the dark, this is a good kind of genre for you. What is beneficial with this one is that you can shout at the top of your lungs without thinking you will be scrutinized by other people because you are in the comfort of your home. You can find more details on putlocker on the site

Historical and war movies. It allows you to travel back in time. Enjoy the past and learn from the ideologies of the people during the war era. In this way, you can sulk, cry or get sentimental without the fear that someone might laugh at you. There are various options that you can look into. You can skip from one genre to another when you get bored. All you need is a good internet connection and you’re off to go to watch full movies online for free without downloading.


How To Prepare When Binging On A Series: watch series

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Binging on a good TV series is such a temptation that people can easily slide on. Once it starts, it will be difficult to stop because series are made to make viewers want to watch more until they get the whole story! As tempting as it is to watch a new series and spending the whole night watching them instead of sleeping, there are preparations needed to get it going successfully.

Clear Your Schedule

Do not watch a series and make plans to watch them all at once when there are many things to do. Especially if you cannot discipline yourself in watching only a number of episodes, do not let yourself fall into the trap. Set a definite schedule so that the other itineraries will not be compromised. The consequence can be greater than you think.

Choose A Good Site

A good site like can bring the episodes clearly to its viewers and there is no hassle in watching them. Prevent yourself from inconvenience by going for these types of sites since other sites may require a lot. Also, include the criteria that the variety must be there. Check in the desired series is there and that they are complete.

Prepare Snacks

You might be hungry while watching and it will be difficult to get up from the bed. With that, prepare snacks beforehand so that you will not be disturbed. There is no rule that popcorn is the only food to have. Get creative with the food and get ones you enjoy.

Get Comfortable

Last but not the least, the viewers should be comfortable with their area while they watch. Get the pillows, comforters, blankets, and other things that will help bring that desired comfort. This can be done in the bedroom so that comfort will be maximized.